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A computer generated image of the new church hall.
For many years it has been the vision of Fishbourne Parish Church, near Chichester, to sell the old church hall in Mill Lane and build a new church hall on ground which adjoins the Church.

Whilst at times progress has been slow, as planning and legal issues were dealt with, planning permission has now been granted on both sites. In time the existing church hall will be sold and funding permitting, the new church hall can be constructed.

This will bring huge advantages to the Church and to the community of Fishbourne Village. The new facility will better serve the needs of the parish, parking will be easier, our Junior church groups will benefit from the hall being adjacent to the church itself. Events such as wedding receptions, baptisms and funerals can be catered for as well as other functions.

We are blessed by virtue of a wonderful location adjoining Fishbourne Meadows and the creek, a haven for birds and other wildlife. The area attracts many walkers and nature lovers and we hope that in time the new hall will provide a valuable educational venue.

Current groups and users of the church hall will of course be notified well in advance of any sale, so should continue as normal until further notice.
In order for the St Peter Project to come about, and to help raise the funds we need, we will require as much assistance as possible. If you think you would like to be involved then please go to the 'Contact Us' page.

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